Warranty Information

Limited Warranty-Information
Stellar Paver Sealing warrants all residential sealing applications against workmanship defects or material failures such as cracking, peeling, or turning yellow. Stellar Paver Sealing provides limited warranty for a period of 2 years (twenty-four months) from Stellar Paver Sealing’s initial application of sealant. Stellar Paver Sealing will inspect and repair all defects due to workmanship or materials at no charge. The Client are responsible for our material cost on all warranty work. However, we will provide labor for any warranty issues needing to be corrected.
This warranty applies to surfaces initially and only treated by Stellar Paver Sealing. This warranty is void if previously sealed and excludes damages caused by the failure of/or any previous coating/sealer failure of the substratum or damage caused by customer abuse or neglect; no warranty is given if previously sealed. In an effort to ensure that the surface is properly cared for throughout the warranted time frame, participation in the Maintenance Programs is required at the appropriate intervals in order for the warranty to be valid. Slate, Flagstone, and any other natural stone which the Customer requires to be sealed are not covered by the warranty.

What is Efflorescence?
According to the “ICPI” (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute), Efflorescence is a whitish powder-like deposit which can appear on concrete products. When cement hydrates (hardens after adding water), a significant amount of calcium hydroxide is formed. The calcium hydroxide is soluble in water and migrates by capillary action to the surface of the concrete. A reaction occurs between the calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide (from the air) to form calcium carbonate, then called efflorescence. Efflorescence does not affect the structural performance or durability of concrete pavers. Even though efflorescence is naturally occurring, sealing pavers can mitigate or, in some case, eradicate efflorescence from continuing to occur due to the moisture barrier created through the paver sealing process. Since Stellar Paver Sealing uses a water-based sealer it creates an open surface matrix that allows the pavers to breathe, reducing the risk of trapping efflorescence under the sealer should it rise to the surface. However, since Efflorescence is a naturally occurring process which cannot be controlled, Stellar Paver Sealing cannot warrant against it, but is occasionally covered by the stone manufacturer.
Stellar Paver Sealing cannot guarantee or warranty that your sealed surfaces will not get tire marks. In most tires, a compound called ‘plasticizer’ is designed to slightly melt from friction heat and gum up your tires to increase traction; this rubbery material often transfers onto some sealed paver surfaces. Stopping abruptly or accelerating quickly where your vehicle tires can slide across or spin on the sealed surface will also obviously leave tire marks. It is recommended that for the first 10 days, you do not make any hard or stiff turns on your newly sealed driveways. Do not pivot or turn your front tires on your sealed driveway pavers without the vehicle rolling in motion for the first 10 days of the surface being sealed. Additionally, ride-on lawnmower tires may transfer rubber tire marks onto the sealed surface.
In addition, some brick pavers lie in a heavily moisture-ridden substratum (due to improper drainage) or over concrete, which may cause the bricks to retain moisture and cloud the bricks. Only proper drainage will correct the problem, and it is not the responsibility of Stellar Paver Sealing.
Improper drainage during our service may cause water and sand to lie on the surface area, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to correct these issues before our service. Dependent on traffic volume, UV exposure, weather conditions, rainwater control from dripping off a home’s roof, pool cage, garden hose, downspout pouring directly on the surface, water flow, drains, as well as many other factors that can contribute, it is possible for the joint sand to wash out from between the pavers. Stellar Paver Sealing are not responsible for any natural erosion due to these abnormal conditions.
Stellar Paver Sealing do not express or imply any length of time the joint sand will remain in the paver joints. During the course of everyday use as well as installations exposed to driving winds or runoff, your pavers may lose some joint sand that can be replenished with dry sand. The paver sand may settle in some areas to the bottom of the paver joint. In addition, as a result of heavy rainfall and direct contact from pressure washing, water hoses, and sprinklers, some of the joint sand may become loose or wash out.
The Client understands that the sealing is only as good as the quality and condition of the bricks that are being sealed. No claim is expressed or implied that we can totally remove all stains before application. We remove as much as possible with today’s technology, equipment, and chemicals. Yet, some stains, such as rust, paint, oils, efflorescence, even sealer, are set deep into the pores of the bricks making total removal impossible without severe damage to the delicate patina of the bricks. Some stains can only be removed by having the bricks replaced manually.
A very common question, and of the most common misconceptions, is that sealing pavers will totaly prevent grass, weeds, mold, etc. from penetrating the surface. We live in a hot and humid subtropical climate here in Florida which creates an opportunity for vegetation to thrive. And it’s going to do just that. Stellar Paver Sealing makes a genuine effort to put clients as far ahead of the game as possible through our paver cleaning and sealing process. First by removing any existing vegetation from the paver area through the cleaning process. Next, we apply an algaecide as part of the prep work to neatrulize the growth of grass, weeds, algae, mold, etc. Then, through hydro compaction of the joint sand and a liberally applied “flood coat” of sealer, the joints are stabilized and largely blocked which provides an additional barrier against vegetation. Again though in some cases, the vegetation over time will prevail and make its way through to the top of the surface at some point.
This is another common misconceptions (and false promises) when it comes to paver sealing. Sealing your pavers will not prevent insects 100%, specifically ants, from coming up through the substrate. The hydro compaction method Stellar Paver Sealing uses during the re-sanding process of the paver joints, before the sealing process, will remove and mitigate ant tunneling that may have occurred in the sand between the paver joints initially. However, over time, the ants will find their way to the surface again. When this occurs, it is recommended that the client treats the affected area themselves or by way of a professional pest control company. The earlier this is treated, the lower the impact on the integrity of the joint. One way to keep the deterioration from becoming significantly impactful is through the Stellar Paver Sealing Maintenance Programs.
Some pavers are much more porous than others. Even inconsistency on the same surface can occur in/on from one paver to another, which can impede the level of depth, “sheen,” or “shine” a surface can have. We do not guarantee your pavers will hold a high shine or any shine at all, as it is paver-by-paver dependent. We offer an additional coat of wet look/ gloss sealer over your sealed surface, which has been known to increase the shine drastically in 98% of our applications; However, we cannot guarantee it will work in every instance; this service will include an additional cost to the Customer. We also can wait for your annual maintenance and apply another coat of sealant across the surface. Lighter-colored pavers (whites, ivory, tans, and some grays) will not have a drastic color enhancement or shine. Thats just the nature of the pavers. Those light colors will only darken and shine so much.
By contracting Stellar Paver Sealing, the Client gives us the right to re-service, repair, and refund all CLAIMS’s partial/full invoice amounts. Customer service is our priority immediately following employee safety. When adequately notified beforehand, we reserve the right to correct any issues our customers may encounter.
No warranty is given if we did not prepare the area or if it was prepared by anyone other than Stellar Paver Sealing.
There is no warranty when using customer-supplied products or services beyond our recommendations.
Warranty is subject to change without notice as industry products and processes change over time. IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED that customers print the current warranty information when the services are rendered to ensure they receive proper coverage.
This is the only warranty given by the warrantor.
The last revision to this warranty was made on Wed Dec 02, 2020.