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Revitalize Your Pavers with Stellar Paver Sealing!

Are your pavers looking dull and lifeless, making you think about getting new ones? Or perhaps you’re on the lookout for a method to bring back their vibrant color. It’s a common issue for all concrete pavers to gradually fade, primarily due to the effects of rain and the absence of a quality sealer to shield them.

At Stellar Paver Sealing, we’ve perfected a tinting technique that rejuvenates aged and dull pavers, giving them a fresh, revitalized appearance. Continue reading to discover more about our innovative tinting process.


Should I have my pavers tinted?

We specialize in tinting concrete pavers exclusively. Tinting is not advised for natural stone or clay brick pavers, as 95% of residential pavers are constructed from concrete.

For those with concrete pavers, tinting can be beneficial for restoring faded color or making minor color adjustments. However, if you’re looking to significantly alter the color, tinting may not be ideal, as it can result in an artificial appearance.

Check out our tinting guide to understand the impact of different tint levels. For an authentic, natural look, we advise a tint range of 20% to 60%. A 40% tint is the sweet spot for that genuine, just-installed look. Higher tints can create a blotchy effect and inauthentic look, so for pavers needing just a touch-up, a 20% tint is ideal.

What is the difference between painting, tinting and staining pavers?

In the paver industry, staining and tinting are often considered synonymous. However, we prefer the term ‘tinting’ to describe the subtle enhancement of color, while ‘staining’ implies a significant change in color or appearance. Given that pavers cannot be drastically changed in color while maintaining a natural look, our Stellar Paver Sealing method involves tinting rather than staining.

Tinting pavers can be likened to applying a semi-transparent stain to wood, which allows for darkening but not lightening of the color. Similarly, tinting enhances the existing hue of pavers without altering their natural surface. Our tinting technique penetrates deeply into the paver, unlike painting, which merely adds a surface layer. As a result, tinted pavers exhibit a more natural, varied look, in contrast to the uniform coloration of painted pavers.

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